My name is Jane Komogorova and I live and study in Delft (in the Netherlands).


The first time I tried out a pralaya yoga class, I was hooked! I practiced yoga in the past and I have experienced different kinds of sports, but nothing could compare to this feeling. As long as I can remember I had a lot of pains and aches. I have consulted many kinds of doctors and therapists, but no one could ever find the cause of the pain, let alone a cure.


Imagine how surprised I was when my flat feet started to feel pretty normal, my allergies disappeared, the fog in my head was gone and my hips shifted back in their original position. After all, it was possible to heal! This big adventure into my own body made me understand other people much better and feel compassion towards human suffering: I can help others, because I have the same issues!


Every day you can find me in a pralaya yoga class taught by the wonderful Marlies de Koning. Without her, my company would not exist today. Next to my daily yoga practice, I follow the Pralaya Yoga Teacher Training led by the American physicist Robert Boustany. Robert is the founder of the Pralaya System and has more than 40 years of yoga teaching experience. This genius yogi lets you explore your inner self and question everything with his sole presence, and the yoga class has not even started yet!


Pralaya yoga is based on a logical, scientifically proven system. In my class you will find not only the traditional yoga poses, but also modifications that are suitable for every person. I spend a lot of time reshaping the fascia, strengthening  weak muscles and healing joints. The more your body opens up, the better the signal will run through the nerves. And that means: less pain, more energy and better health in general.


You are welcome in my yoga class!


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