Do you have a question or a specific problem that you want to work on? You can contact me to schedule a private class: all my attention will be on you to help you achieve your goals. It is also possible to schedule a private class together with your family, friends, or work buddies. 






Private class

Is there a posture that you have trouble with, do you have a (sports) injury that you want to get rid of, do you want to feel more calm in your daily life or is it something else that you want to work on? Contact me for a private class and I will help you work towards your personal target.


Do you prefer a yoga class with a specific theme attached to it? It can be based on sports, a group of muscles or breath work. Contact me for details and I will teach a workshop that includes a lot of information and practice based on a theme of your choosing.



Yoga for business

Would you like to feel healthy, energetic and happy at work? I will help you get a better (sitting) posture, teach you breathing exercises and give specific instructions to handle stressful situations. Contact me for more information, both group classes and personal classes in business are available.